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✌️ Victory Hand
With the exception of the index and middle finger, the Victory Hand emoji depicts a yellow hand with the palm facing the viewer and all digits curled in. The "V" shape is created by the index and middle fingers. Although the usual emoji is yellow, users can also select from other skin tones. The "V" is a widely recognised symbol of triumph and peace. This emoticon is thus frequently used in connection with these two ideas. Some people share this after making a joke in order to jokingly ask for forgiveness. Senders can also use this symbol to show that they are having fun by including it in their messages. In addition to these, some people use this to greet people or say goodbye.
✌🏻️ Victory Hand: Light Skin Tone
Victory Hand with light skin tone
✌🏼️ Victory Hand: Medium-Light Skin Tone
Victory Hand with medium-light skin tone
✌🏽️ Victory Hand: Medium Skin Tone
Victory Hand with medium skin tone
✌🏾️ Victory Hand: Medium-Dark Skin Tone
Victory Hand with medium-dark skin tone
✌🏿️ Victory Hand: Dark Skin Tone
Victory Hand with dark skin tone