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🤢 Nauseated Face
The green smiley used as the Nauseated Face character appears to be trying its hardest not to throw up. It is used most frequently in its indirect sense, that is, to represent how exceedingly ill and repulsed something or someone makes the user feel. For instance, it could be a response to something the user finds utterly repugnant, such as a certain food, someone's appearance, their behavior, or a certain occurrence. (for example, racism). Of course, it can be used in its literal sense when referring to food drunkenness, but this occurs much less frequently.
💺 Seat
The seat emoji is a visual representation of a seat, which is a piece of furniture made for one person to rest on. It frequently refers to the concepts of seating, sitting, or having a break. Additionally, it can be used to symbolise the idea of comfort or relaxation or even the idea of furniture in general. It can also sometimes be used to denote the concepts of standing in line, waiting, or reserving a place. It could also be interpreted as a representation of a gathering spot, such as a table or conference room.
🪑 Chair
A picture of a hardwood chair serves as the Chair emoji. This emoji can be used to symbolise the desire to settle down after spending the entire day standing up. It can also be used to advise someone who is having a difficult day to take a seat and relax before continuing. Send it along with the Person Seated emoji to express how happy being able to recline would make you. To convey to your friend that they need to calm down, you can share it along with the Relieved Face emoji.