Other Letter Unicode Category

The Unicode "Other Letter" category comprises a diverse range of characters within the Unicode standard that don't fit into the conventional letter categories of uppercase, lowercase, titlecase, or modifier letters. These characters are often letters or letter-like symbols from various writing systems, ancient scripts, or specialized contexts. They might not strictly adhere to the typical rules of case conversion or alphabetical ordering, and their usage can vary widely. The "Other Letter" category is a catch-all for characters that don't neatly align with traditional letter definitions, providing a way to accommodate the vast array of written communication forms found in different cultures, historical periods, and technical applications.

Below you will find all the characters that are in the 'Other Letter' unicode category. Currently there are 132234 characters in this category.

Image Browser Unicode Name
Feminine Ordinal IndicatorªU+00AAFeminine Ordinal Indicator
Masculine Ordinal IndicatorºU+00BAMasculine Ordinal Indicator
Latin Letter Two With StrokeƻU+01BBLatin Letter Two With Stroke
Latin Letter Dental ClickǀU+01C0Latin Letter Dental Click
Latin Letter Lateral ClickǁU+01C1Latin Letter Lateral Click
Latin Letter Alveolar ClickǂU+01C2Latin Letter Alveolar Click
Latin Letter Retroflex ClickǃU+01C3Latin Letter Retroflex Click
Latin Letter Glottal StopʔU+0294Latin Letter Glottal Stop
Hebrew Letter AlefאU+05D0Hebrew Letter Alef
Hebrew Letter BetבU+05D1Hebrew Letter Bet
Hebrew Letter GimelגU+05D2Hebrew Letter Gimel
Hebrew Letter DaletדU+05D3Hebrew Letter Dalet
Hebrew Letter HeהU+05D4Hebrew Letter He
Hebrew Letter VavוU+05D5Hebrew Letter Vav
Hebrew Letter ZayinזU+05D6Hebrew Letter Zayin
Hebrew Letter HetחU+05D7Hebrew Letter Het
Hebrew Letter TetטU+05D8Hebrew Letter Tet
Hebrew Letter YodיU+05D9Hebrew Letter Yod
Hebrew Letter Final KafךU+05DAHebrew Letter Final Kaf
Hebrew Letter KafכU+05DBHebrew Letter Kaf
Hebrew Letter LamedלU+05DCHebrew Letter Lamed
Hebrew Letter Final MemםU+05DDHebrew Letter Final Mem
Hebrew Letter MemמU+05DEHebrew Letter Mem
Hebrew Letter Final NunןU+05DFHebrew Letter Final Nun
Hebrew Letter NunנU+05E0Hebrew Letter Nun
Hebrew Letter SamekhסU+05E1Hebrew Letter Samekh
Hebrew Letter AyinעU+05E2Hebrew Letter Ayin
Hebrew Letter Final PeףU+05E3Hebrew Letter Final Pe
Hebrew Letter PeפU+05E4Hebrew Letter Pe
Hebrew Letter Final TsadiץU+05E5Hebrew Letter Final Tsadi
Hebrew Letter TsadiצU+05E6Hebrew Letter Tsadi
Hebrew Letter QofקU+05E7Hebrew Letter Qof
Hebrew Letter ReshרU+05E8Hebrew Letter Resh
Hebrew Letter ShinשU+05E9Hebrew Letter Shin
Hebrew Letter TavתU+05EAHebrew Letter Tav
Hebrew Yod TriangleׯU+05EFHebrew Yod Triangle
Hebrew Ligature Yiddish Double VavװU+05F0Hebrew Ligature Yiddish Double Vav
Hebrew Ligature Yiddish Vav YodױU+05F1Hebrew Ligature Yiddish Vav Yod
Hebrew Ligature Yiddish Double YodײU+05F2Hebrew Ligature Yiddish Double Yod
Arabic Letter Kashmiri YehؠU+0620Arabic Letter Kashmiri Yeh
Arabic Letter HamzaءU+0621Arabic Letter Hamza
Arabic Letter Alef With Madda AboveآU+0622Arabic Letter Alef With Madda Above
Arabic Letter Alef With Hamza AboveأU+0623Arabic Letter Alef With Hamza Above
Arabic Letter Waw With Hamza AboveؤU+0624Arabic Letter Waw With Hamza Above
Arabic Letter Alef With Hamza BelowإU+0625Arabic Letter Alef With Hamza Below
Arabic Letter Yeh With Hamza AboveئU+0626Arabic Letter Yeh With Hamza Above
Arabic Letter AlefاU+0627Arabic Letter Alef
Arabic Letter BehبU+0628Arabic Letter Beh
Arabic Letter Teh MarbutaةU+0629Arabic Letter Teh Marbuta
Arabic Letter TehتU+062AArabic Letter Teh