Open Punctuation Unicode Category

The Unicode open punctuation category encompasses a group of characters within the Unicode standard that are used as opening delimiters or markers for various textual constructs. These characters indicate the beginning of specific grammatical structures or textual elements, such as quotations, nested clauses, or parenthetical expressions. Open punctuation marks set the stage for corresponding closing punctuation marks and play a fundamental role in defining the structure and coherence of written language. By providing clear visual cues for the commencement of distinct textual units, the Unicode open punctuation category ensures proper formatting, logical organization, and effective communication in a wide range of scripts and languages across digital platforms and documents.

Below you will find all the characters that are in the 'Open Punctuation' unicode category. Currently there are 79 characters in this category.

Image Browser Unicode Name
Left Parenthesis(U+0028Left Parenthesis
Left Square Bracket[U+005BLeft Square Bracket
Left Curly Bracket{U+007BLeft Curly Bracket
Tibetan Mark Gug Rtags GyonU+0F3ATibetan Mark Gug Rtags Gyon
Tibetan Mark Ang Khang GyonU+0F3CTibetan Mark Ang Khang Gyon
Ogham Feather MarkU+169BOgham Feather Mark
Single Low-9 Quotation MarkU+201ASingle Low-9 Quotation Mark
Double Low-9 Quotation MarkU+201EDouble Low-9 Quotation Mark
Left Square Bracket With QuillU+2045Left Square Bracket With Quill
Superscript Left ParenthesisU+207DSuperscript Left Parenthesis
Subscript Left ParenthesisU+208DSubscript Left Parenthesis
Left CeilingU+2308Left Ceiling
Left FloorU+230ALeft Floor
Left-Pointing Angle BracketU+2329Left-Pointing Angle Bracket
Medium Left Parenthesis OrnamentU+2768Medium Left Parenthesis Ornament
Medium Flattened Left Parenthesis OrnamentU+276AMedium Flattened Left Parenthesis Ornament
Medium Left-Pointing Angle Bracket OrnamentU+276CMedium Left-Pointing Angle Bracket Ornament
Heavy Left-Pointing Angle Quotation Mark OrnamentU+276EHeavy Left-Pointing Angle Quotation Mark Ornament
Heavy Left-Pointing Angle Bracket OrnamentU+2770Heavy Left-Pointing Angle Bracket Ornament
Light Left Tortoise Shell Bracket OrnamentU+2772Light Left Tortoise Shell Bracket Ornament
Medium Left Curly Bracket OrnamentU+2774Medium Left Curly Bracket Ornament
Left S-Shaped Bag DelimiterU+27C5Left S-Shaped Bag Delimiter
Mathematical Left White Square BracketU+27E6Mathematical Left White Square Bracket
Mathematical Left Angle BracketU+27E8Mathematical Left Angle Bracket
Mathematical Left Double Angle BracketU+27EAMathematical Left Double Angle Bracket
Mathematical Left White Tortoise Shell BracketU+27ECMathematical Left White Tortoise Shell Bracket
Mathematical Left Flattened ParenthesisU+27EEMathematical Left Flattened Parenthesis
Left White Curly BracketU+2983Left White Curly Bracket
Left White ParenthesisU+2985Left White Parenthesis
Z Notation Left Image BracketU+2987Z Notation Left Image Bracket
Z Notation Left Binding BracketU+2989Z Notation Left Binding Bracket
Left Square Bracket With UnderbarU+298BLeft Square Bracket With Underbar
Left Square Bracket With Tick In Top CornerU+298DLeft Square Bracket With Tick In Top Corner
Left Square Bracket With Tick In Bottom CornerU+298FLeft Square Bracket With Tick In Bottom Corner
Left Angle Bracket With DotU+2991Left Angle Bracket With Dot
Left Arc Less-Than BracketU+2993Left Arc Less-Than Bracket
Double Left Arc Greater-Than BracketU+2995Double Left Arc Greater-Than Bracket
Left Black Tortoise Shell BracketU+2997Left Black Tortoise Shell Bracket
Left Wiggly FenceU+29D8Left Wiggly Fence
Left Double Wiggly FenceU+29DALeft Double Wiggly Fence
Left-Pointing Curved Angle BracketU+29FCLeft-Pointing Curved Angle Bracket
Top Left Half BracketU+2E22Top Left Half Bracket
Bottom Left Half BracketU+2E24Bottom Left Half Bracket
Left Sideways U BracketU+2E26Left Sideways U Bracket
Left Double ParenthesisU+2E28Left Double Parenthesis
Double Low-Reversed-9 Quotation MarkU+2E42Double Low-Reversed-9 Quotation Mark
Left Square Bracket With StrokeU+2E55Left Square Bracket With Stroke
Left Square Bracket With Double StrokeU+2E57Left Square Bracket With Double Stroke
Top Half Left ParenthesisU+2E59Top Half Left Parenthesis
Bottom Half Left ParenthesisU+2E5BBottom Half Left Parenthesis