Non-spacing Mark Unicode Category

The Unicode non-spacing mark category, also known as diacritics or combining marks, are characters that are typically used in conjunction with other base characters to modify their appearance or indicate specific linguistic features, such as accent marks, vowel modifications, or tone marks. Unlike standalone characters, non-spacing marks do not occupy their own space on the page but rather combine with the preceding base character, creating a composite glyph. This category is essential for accurately rendering complex scripts and languages that require the stacking or placement of diacritics above, below, or around base characters, ensuring that the visual representation of text remains faithful to its intended linguistic nuances and phonetic qualities.

Below you will find all the characters that are in the 'Non-spacing Mark' unicode category. Currently there are 1985 characters in this category.

Image Browser Unicode Name
Combining Grave Accent̀U+0300Combining Grave Accent
Combining Acute Accent́U+0301Combining Acute Accent
Combining Circumflex Accent̂U+0302Combining Circumflex Accent
Combining TildẽU+0303Combining Tilde
Combining Macron̄U+0304Combining Macron
Combining Overline̅U+0305Combining Overline
Combining BrevĕU+0306Combining Breve
Combining Dot AbovėU+0307Combining Dot Above
Combining Diaeresis̈U+0308Combining Diaeresis
Combining Hook AbovẻU+0309Combining Hook Above
Combining Ring Above̊U+030ACombining Ring Above
Combining Double Acute Accent̋U+030BCombining Double Acute Accent
Combining CaroňU+030CCombining Caron
Combining Vertical Line Above̍U+030DCombining Vertical Line Above
Combining Double Vertical Line Above̎U+030ECombining Double Vertical Line Above
Combining Double Grave Accent̏U+030FCombining Double Grave Accent
Combining Candrabindu̐U+0310Combining Candrabindu
Combining Inverted BrevȇU+0311Combining Inverted Breve
Combining Turned Comma Above̒U+0312Combining Turned Comma Above
Combining Comma Above̓U+0313Combining Comma Above
Combining Reversed Comma Above̔U+0314Combining Reversed Comma Above
Combining Comma Above Right̕U+0315Combining Comma Above Right
Combining Grave Accent Below̖U+0316Combining Grave Accent Below
Combining Acute Accent Below̗U+0317Combining Acute Accent Below
Combining Left Tack Below̘U+0318Combining Left Tack Below
Combining Right Tack Below̙U+0319Combining Right Tack Below
Combining Left Angle Above̚U+031ACombining Left Angle Above
Combining Horn̛U+031BCombining Horn
Combining Left Half Ring Below̜U+031CCombining Left Half Ring Below
Combining Up Tack Below̝U+031DCombining Up Tack Below
Combining Down Tack Below̞U+031ECombining Down Tack Below
Combining Plus Sign Below̟U+031FCombining Plus Sign Below
Combining Minus Sign Below̠U+0320Combining Minus Sign Below
Combining Palatalized Hook Below̡U+0321Combining Palatalized Hook Below
Combining Retroflex Hook Below̢U+0322Combining Retroflex Hook Below
Combining Dot BeloẉU+0323Combining Dot Below
Combining Diaeresis Below̤U+0324Combining Diaeresis Below
Combining Ring Below̥U+0325Combining Ring Below
Combining Comma Below̦U+0326Combining Comma Below
Combining Cedilla̧U+0327Combining Cedilla
Combining Ogonek̨U+0328Combining Ogonek
Combining Vertical Line Below̩U+0329Combining Vertical Line Below
Combining Bridge Below̪U+032ACombining Bridge Below
Combining Inverted Double Arch Below̫U+032BCombining Inverted Double Arch Below
Combining Caron Below̬U+032CCombining Caron Below
Combining Circumflex Accent Below̭U+032DCombining Circumflex Accent Below
Combining Breve Below̮U+032ECombining Breve Below
Combining Inverted Breve Below̯U+032FCombining Inverted Breve Below
Combining Tilde Below̰U+0330Combining Tilde Below
Combining Macron Below̱U+0331Combining Macron Below