Modifier Symbol Unicode Category

The Unicode modifier symbol category includes a group of characters within the Unicode standard that are utilized to modify the appearance or meaning of other characters or symbols. These modifier symbols often combine with preceding characters to create new glyphs with altered diacritics, accents, or visual effects. The modifier symbols can be used in various writing systems and languages to produce characters that might not be represented by standalone characters alone. This category is pivotal for accurately rendering complex scripts, linguistic nuances, and specialized notations across digital platforms and documents, ensuring precise communication and representation of diverse writing traditions and linguistic requirements.

Below you will find all the characters that are in the 'Modifier Symbol' unicode category. Currently there are 125 characters in this category.

Image Browser Unicode Name
Circumflex Accent^U+005ECircumflex Accent
Grave Accent`U+0060Grave Accent
Acute Accent´U+00B4Acute Accent
Modifier Letter Left Arrowhead˂U+02C2Modifier Letter Left Arrowhead
Modifier Letter Right Arrowhead˃U+02C3Modifier Letter Right Arrowhead
Modifier Letter Up Arrowhead˄U+02C4Modifier Letter Up Arrowhead
Modifier Letter Down Arrowhead˅U+02C5Modifier Letter Down Arrowhead
Modifier Letter Centred Right Half Ring˒U+02D2Modifier Letter Centred Right Half Ring
Modifier Letter Centred Left Half Ring˓U+02D3Modifier Letter Centred Left Half Ring
Modifier Letter Up Tack˔U+02D4Modifier Letter Up Tack
Modifier Letter Down Tack˕U+02D5Modifier Letter Down Tack
Modifier Letter Plus Sign˖U+02D6Modifier Letter Plus Sign
Modifier Letter Minus Sign˗U+02D7Modifier Letter Minus Sign
Dot Above˙U+02D9Dot Above
Ring Above˚U+02DARing Above
Small Tilde˜U+02DCSmall Tilde
Double Acute Accent˝U+02DDDouble Acute Accent
Modifier Letter Rhotic Hook˞U+02DEModifier Letter Rhotic Hook
Modifier Letter Cross Accent˟U+02DFModifier Letter Cross Accent
Modifier Letter Extra-High Tone Bar˥U+02E5Modifier Letter Extra-High Tone Bar
Modifier Letter High Tone Bar˦U+02E6Modifier Letter High Tone Bar
Modifier Letter Mid Tone Bar˧U+02E7Modifier Letter Mid Tone Bar
Modifier Letter Low Tone Bar˨U+02E8Modifier Letter Low Tone Bar
Modifier Letter Extra-Low Tone Bar˩U+02E9Modifier Letter Extra-Low Tone Bar
Modifier Letter Yin Departing Tone Mark˪U+02EAModifier Letter Yin Departing Tone Mark
Modifier Letter Yang Departing Tone Mark˫U+02EBModifier Letter Yang Departing Tone Mark
Modifier Letter Unaspirated˭U+02EDModifier Letter Unaspirated
Modifier Letter Low Down Arrowhead˯U+02EFModifier Letter Low Down Arrowhead
Modifier Letter Low Up Arrowhead˰U+02F0Modifier Letter Low Up Arrowhead
Modifier Letter Low Left Arrowhead˱U+02F1Modifier Letter Low Left Arrowhead
Modifier Letter Low Right Arrowhead˲U+02F2Modifier Letter Low Right Arrowhead
Modifier Letter Low Ring˳U+02F3Modifier Letter Low Ring
Modifier Letter Middle Grave Accent˴U+02F4Modifier Letter Middle Grave Accent
Modifier Letter Middle Double Grave Accent˵U+02F5Modifier Letter Middle Double Grave Accent
Modifier Letter Middle Double Acute Accent˶U+02F6Modifier Letter Middle Double Acute Accent
Modifier Letter Low Tilde˷U+02F7Modifier Letter Low Tilde
Modifier Letter Raised Colon˸U+02F8Modifier Letter Raised Colon
Modifier Letter Begin High Tone˹U+02F9Modifier Letter Begin High Tone
Modifier Letter End High Tone˺U+02FAModifier Letter End High Tone
Modifier Letter Begin Low Tone˻U+02FBModifier Letter Begin Low Tone
Modifier Letter End Low Tone˼U+02FCModifier Letter End Low Tone
Modifier Letter Shelf˽U+02FDModifier Letter Shelf
Modifier Letter Open Shelf˾U+02FEModifier Letter Open Shelf
Modifier Letter Low Left Arrow˿U+02FFModifier Letter Low Left Arrow
Greek Lower Numeral Sign͵U+0375Greek Lower Numeral Sign