Math Symbol Unicode Category

The Unicode math symbol category is a classification within the Unicode Standard, which is a universal character encoding that aims to represent every character used in human writing systems across various languages and disciplines. Math symbols play a crucial role in conveying mathematical expressions and notations in digital texts, ranging from basic arithmetic to advanced mathematical concepts. The Unicode math symbol category encompasses a diverse range of characters, including operators, relations, Greek letters, arrows, and other elements commonly utilized in mathematical and scientific contexts. By including a comprehensive set of math symbols, Unicode facilitates accurate and consistent representation of mathematical content across different platforms, languages, and devices, ensuring effective communication of mathematical ideas and formulas in a digital environment.

Below you will find all the characters that are in the 'Math Symbol' unicode category. Currently there are 948 characters in this category.

Image Browser Unicode Name
Plus Sign+U+002BPlus Sign
Less-Than Sign<U+003CLess-Than Sign
Equals Sign=U+003DEquals Sign
Greater-Than Sign>U+003EGreater-Than Sign
Vertical Line|U+007CVertical Line
Not Sign¬U+00ACNot Sign
Plus-Minus Sign±U+00B1Plus-Minus Sign
Multiplication Sign×U+00D7Multiplication Sign
Division Sign÷U+00F7Division Sign
Greek Reversed Lunate Epsilon Symbol϶U+03F6Greek Reversed Lunate Epsilon Symbol
Arabic-Indic Cube Root؆U+0606Arabic-Indic Cube Root
Arabic-Indic Fourth Root؇U+0607Arabic-Indic Fourth Root
Arabic Ray؈U+0608Arabic Ray
Fraction SlashU+2044Fraction Slash
Commercial Minus SignU+2052Commercial Minus Sign
Superscript Plus SignU+207ASuperscript Plus Sign
Superscript MinusU+207BSuperscript Minus
Superscript Equals SignU+207CSuperscript Equals Sign
Subscript Plus SignU+208ASubscript Plus Sign
Subscript MinusU+208BSubscript Minus
Subscript Equals SignU+208CSubscript Equals Sign
Script Capital PU+2118Script Capital P
Double-Struck N-Ary SummationU+2140Double-Struck N-Ary Summation
Turned Sans-Serif Capital GU+2141Turned Sans-Serif Capital G
Turned Sans-Serif Capital LU+2142Turned Sans-Serif Capital L
Reversed Sans-Serif Capital LU+2143Reversed Sans-Serif Capital L
Turned Sans-Serif Capital YU+2144Turned Sans-Serif Capital Y
Turned AmpersandU+214BTurned Ampersand
Leftwards ArrowU+2190Leftwards Arrow
Upwards ArrowU+2191Upwards Arrow
Rightwards ArrowU+2192Rightwards Arrow
Downwards ArrowU+2193Downwards Arrow
Left Right ArrowU+2194Left Right Arrow
Leftwards Arrow With StrokeU+219ALeftwards Arrow With Stroke
Rightwards Arrow With StrokeU+219BRightwards Arrow With Stroke
Rightwards Two Headed ArrowU+21A0Rightwards Two Headed Arrow
Rightwards Arrow With TailU+21A3Rightwards Arrow With Tail
Rightwards Arrow From BarU+21A6Rightwards Arrow From Bar
Left Right Arrow With StrokeU+21AELeft Right Arrow With Stroke
Left Right Double Arrow With StrokeU+21CELeft Right Double Arrow With Stroke
Rightwards Double Arrow With StrokeU+21CFRightwards Double Arrow With Stroke
Rightwards Double ArrowU+21D2Rightwards Double Arrow
Left Right Double ArrowU+21D4Left Right Double Arrow
Right Arrow With Small CircleU+21F4Right Arrow With Small Circle
Downwards Arrow Leftwards Of Upwards ArrowU+21F5Downwards Arrow Leftwards Of Upwards Arrow
Three Rightwards ArrowsU+21F6Three Rightwards Arrows
Leftwards Arrow With Vertical StrokeU+21F7Leftwards Arrow With Vertical Stroke
Rightwards Arrow With Vertical StrokeU+21F8Rightwards Arrow With Vertical Stroke
Left Right Arrow With Vertical StrokeU+21F9Left Right Arrow With Vertical Stroke