Yijing Hexagram Symbols Unicode Block

The Unicode Yijing Hexagram Symbols block, also known as the "Yijing Hexagrams" or "Yijing Symbols" block, is a section of the Unicode Standard dedicated to encoding the symbols used in the ancient Chinese divination text known as the Yijing (or I Ching). This block was introduced in Unicode version 5.1 and includes a set of 64 hexagram symbols, each representing a unique combination of six solid (yang) and broken (yin) lines. The Yijing Hexagram Symbols block allows digital representation of these hexagrams, which have been an integral part of Chinese culture and philosophy for centuries. These symbols are used for divination, meditation, and as a source of wisdom and guidance in various aspects of life, including decision-making, philosophy, and spirituality. Unicode provides a standardized way to include these symbols in digital texts, making it easier for users worldwide to access and work with the Yijing Hexagrams in modern digital communication and computing environments.

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Below you will find all the characters that are in the Yijing Hexagram Symbols unicode block. Currently there are 64 characters in this block.

Image Browser Unicode Name
Hexagram For The Creative HeavenU+4DC0Hexagram For The Creative Heaven
Hexagram For The Receptive EarthU+4DC1Hexagram For The Receptive Earth
Hexagram For Difficulty At The BeginningU+4DC2Hexagram For Difficulty At The Beginning
Hexagram For Youthful FollyU+4DC3Hexagram For Youthful Folly
Hexagram For WaitingU+4DC4Hexagram For Waiting
Hexagram For ConflictU+4DC5Hexagram For Conflict
Hexagram For The ArmyU+4DC6Hexagram For The Army
Hexagram For Holding TogetherU+4DC7Hexagram For Holding Together
Hexagram For Small TamingU+4DC8Hexagram For Small Taming
Hexagram For TreadingU+4DC9Hexagram For Treading
Hexagram For PeaceU+4DCAHexagram For Peace
Hexagram For StandstillU+4DCBHexagram For Standstill
Hexagram For FellowshipU+4DCCHexagram For Fellowship
Hexagram For Great PossessionU+4DCDHexagram For Great Possession
Hexagram For ModestyU+4DCEHexagram For Modesty
Hexagram For EnthusiasmU+4DCFHexagram For Enthusiasm
Hexagram For FollowingU+4DD0Hexagram For Following
Hexagram For Work On The DecayedU+4DD1Hexagram For Work On The Decayed
Hexagram For ApproachU+4DD2Hexagram For Approach
Hexagram For ContemplationU+4DD3Hexagram For Contemplation
Hexagram For Biting ThroughU+4DD4Hexagram For Biting Through
Hexagram For GraceU+4DD5Hexagram For Grace
Hexagram For Splitting ApartU+4DD6Hexagram For Splitting Apart
Hexagram For ReturnU+4DD7Hexagram For Return
Hexagram For InnocenceU+4DD8Hexagram For Innocence
Hexagram For Great TamingU+4DD9Hexagram For Great Taming
Hexagram For Mouth CornersU+4DDAHexagram For Mouth Corners
Hexagram For Great PreponderanceU+4DDBHexagram For Great Preponderance
Hexagram For The Abysmal WaterU+4DDCHexagram For The Abysmal Water
Hexagram For The Clinging FireU+4DDDHexagram For The Clinging Fire
Hexagram For InfluenceU+4DDEHexagram For Influence
Hexagram For DurationU+4DDFHexagram For Duration
Hexagram For RetreatU+4DE0Hexagram For Retreat
Hexagram For Great PowerU+4DE1Hexagram For Great Power
Hexagram For ProgressU+4DE2Hexagram For Progress
Hexagram For Darkening Of The LightU+4DE3Hexagram For Darkening Of The Light
Hexagram For The FamilyU+4DE4Hexagram For The Family
Hexagram For OppositionU+4DE5Hexagram For Opposition
Hexagram For ObstructionU+4DE6Hexagram For Obstruction
Hexagram For DeliveranceU+4DE7Hexagram For Deliverance
Hexagram For DecreaseU+4DE8Hexagram For Decrease
Hexagram For IncreaseU+4DE9Hexagram For Increase
Hexagram For BreakthroughU+4DEAHexagram For Breakthrough
Hexagram For Coming To MeetU+4DEBHexagram For Coming To Meet
Hexagram For Gathering TogetherU+4DECHexagram For Gathering Together
Hexagram For Pushing UpwardU+4DEDHexagram For Pushing Upward
Hexagram For OppressionU+4DEEHexagram For Oppression
Hexagram For The WellU+4DEFHexagram For The Well
Hexagram For RevolutionU+4DF0Hexagram For Revolution
Hexagram For The CauldronU+4DF1Hexagram For The Cauldron