Vedic Extensions Unicode Block

The Unicode Vedic Extensions block is a subset of the Unicode Standard that was introduced to accommodate characters and symbols used in the ancient Vedic scripts of India. These scripts, such as Devanagari, Brahmi, and others, have been historically employed for the transcription of sacred Hindu texts like the Vedas and Upanishads. The Vedic Extensions block includes a range of characters, diacritics, and numerals specific to Vedic and Sanskrit texts, allowing for accurate representation and preservation of these important cultural and religious artifacts in digital formats. This block is a valuable addition to Unicode, as it supports the accurate representation of Vedic texts and ensures their accessibility in modern computing and digital communication.

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Below you will find all the characters that are in the Vedic Extensions unicode block. Currently there are 43 characters in this block.

Image Browser Unicode Name
Vedic Tone KarshanaU+1CD0Vedic Tone Karshana
Vedic Tone SharaU+1CD1Vedic Tone Shara
Vedic Tone PrenkhaU+1CD2Vedic Tone Prenkha
Vedic Sign NihshvasaU+1CD3Vedic Sign Nihshvasa
Vedic Sign Yajurvedic Midline SvaritaU+1CD4Vedic Sign Yajurvedic Midline Svarita
Vedic Tone Yajurvedic Aggravated Independent SvaritaU+1CD5Vedic Tone Yajurvedic Aggravated Independent Svarita
Vedic Tone Yajurvedic Independent SvaritaU+1CD6Vedic Tone Yajurvedic Independent Svarita
Vedic Tone Yajurvedic Kathaka Independent SvaritaU+1CD7Vedic Tone Yajurvedic Kathaka Independent Svarita
Vedic Tone Candra BelowU+1CD8Vedic Tone Candra Below
Vedic Tone Yajurvedic Kathaka Independent Svarita SchroederU+1CD9Vedic Tone Yajurvedic Kathaka Independent Svarita Schroeder
Vedic Tone Double SvaritaU+1CDAVedic Tone Double Svarita
Vedic Tone Triple SvaritaU+1CDBVedic Tone Triple Svarita
Vedic Tone Kathaka AnudattaU+1CDCVedic Tone Kathaka Anudatta
Vedic Tone Dot BelowU+1CDDVedic Tone Dot Below
Vedic Tone Two Dots BelowU+1CDEVedic Tone Two Dots Below
Vedic Tone Three Dots BelowU+1CDFVedic Tone Three Dots Below
Vedic Tone Rigvedic Kashmiri Independent SvaritaU+1CE0Vedic Tone Rigvedic Kashmiri Independent Svarita
Vedic Tone Atharvavedic Independent SvaritaU+1CE1Vedic Tone Atharvavedic Independent Svarita
Vedic Sign Visarga SvaritaU+1CE2Vedic Sign Visarga Svarita
Vedic Sign Visarga UdattaU+1CE3Vedic Sign Visarga Udatta
Vedic Sign Reversed Visarga UdattaU+1CE4Vedic Sign Reversed Visarga Udatta
Vedic Sign Visarga AnudattaU+1CE5Vedic Sign Visarga Anudatta
Vedic Sign Reversed Visarga AnudattaU+1CE6Vedic Sign Reversed Visarga Anudatta
Vedic Sign Visarga Udatta With TailU+1CE7Vedic Sign Visarga Udatta With Tail
Vedic Sign Visarga Anudatta With TailU+1CE8Vedic Sign Visarga Anudatta With Tail
Vedic Sign Anusvara AntargomukhaU+1CE9Vedic Sign Anusvara Antargomukha
Vedic Sign Anusvara BahirgomukhaU+1CEAVedic Sign Anusvara Bahirgomukha
Vedic Sign Anusvara VamagomukhaU+1CEBVedic Sign Anusvara Vamagomukha
Vedic Sign Anusvara Vamagomukha With TailU+1CECVedic Sign Anusvara Vamagomukha With Tail
Vedic Sign TiryakU+1CEDVedic Sign Tiryak
Vedic Sign Hexiform Long AnusvaraU+1CEEVedic Sign Hexiform Long Anusvara
Vedic Sign Long AnusvaraU+1CEFVedic Sign Long Anusvara
Vedic Sign Rthang Long AnusvaraU+1CF0Vedic Sign Rthang Long Anusvara
Vedic Sign Anusvara Ubhayato MukhaU+1CF1Vedic Sign Anusvara Ubhayato Mukha
Vedic Sign ArdhavisargaU+1CF2Vedic Sign Ardhavisarga
Vedic Sign Rotated ArdhavisargaU+1CF3Vedic Sign Rotated Ardhavisarga
Vedic Tone Candra AboveU+1CF4Vedic Tone Candra Above
Vedic Sign JihvamuliyaU+1CF5Vedic Sign Jihvamuliya
Vedic Sign UpadhmaniyaU+1CF6Vedic Sign Upadhmaniya
Vedic Sign AtikramaU+1CF7Vedic Sign Atikrama
Vedic Tone Ring AboveU+1CF8Vedic Tone Ring Above
Vedic Tone Double Ring AboveU+1CF9Vedic Tone Double Ring Above
Vedic Sign Double Anusvara AntargomukhaU+1CFAVedic Sign Double Anusvara Antargomukha