Syriac Supplement Unicode Block

The Unicode Syriac Supplement block is a subset of the Unicode Standard, a universal character encoding system for digital text. This particular block, which was introduced in Unicode version 5.1, is designed to support the Syriac script, historically used for writing the Syriac language and various other languages in the Middle East. The Syriac Supplement block includes a range of characters and diacritics necessary for representing Syriac text accurately in digital documents. It provides support for Syriac letters, ligatures, and additional marks used in writing Syriac scripts. This block ensures that Syriac texts can be encoded and displayed correctly on computers and digital devices, preserving the rich linguistic and cultural heritage associated with the Syriac language.

View a range of fonts that support the Syriac Supplement block.

Below you will find all the characters that are in the Syriac Supplement unicode block. Currently there are 11 characters in this block.