Sogdian Unicode Block

Sogdian is a Unicode block containing characters used to write the Sogdian language from the 7th to 14th centuries CE.

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Below you will find all the characters that are in the Sogdian unicode block. Currently there are 42 characters in this block.

Image Browser Unicode Name
Sogdian Letter Aleph𐼰U+10F30Sogdian Letter Aleph
Sogdian Letter Beth𐼱U+10F31Sogdian Letter Beth
Sogdian Letter Gimel𐼲U+10F32Sogdian Letter Gimel
Sogdian Letter He𐼳U+10F33Sogdian Letter He
Sogdian Letter Waw𐼴U+10F34Sogdian Letter Waw
Sogdian Letter Zayin𐼵U+10F35Sogdian Letter Zayin
Sogdian Letter Heth𐼶U+10F36Sogdian Letter Heth
Sogdian Letter Yodh𐼷U+10F37Sogdian Letter Yodh
Sogdian Letter Kaph𐼸U+10F38Sogdian Letter Kaph
Sogdian Letter Lamedh𐼹U+10F39Sogdian Letter Lamedh
Sogdian Letter Mem𐼺U+10F3ASogdian Letter Mem
Sogdian Letter Nun𐼻U+10F3BSogdian Letter Nun
Sogdian Letter Samekh𐼼U+10F3CSogdian Letter Samekh
Sogdian Letter Ayin𐼽U+10F3DSogdian Letter Ayin
Sogdian Letter Pe𐼾U+10F3ESogdian Letter Pe
Sogdian Letter Sadhe𐼿U+10F3FSogdian Letter Sadhe
Sogdian Letter Resh-Ayin𐽀U+10F40Sogdian Letter Resh-Ayin
Sogdian Letter Shin𐽁U+10F41Sogdian Letter Shin
Sogdian Letter Taw𐽂U+10F42Sogdian Letter Taw
Sogdian Letter Feth𐽃U+10F43Sogdian Letter Feth
Sogdian Letter Lesh𐽄U+10F44Sogdian Letter Lesh
Sogdian Independent Shin𐽅U+10F45Sogdian Independent Shin
Sogdian Combining Dot Below𐽆U+10F46Sogdian Combining Dot Below
Sogdian Combining Two Dots Below𐽇U+10F47Sogdian Combining Two Dots Below
Sogdian Combining Dot Above𐽈U+10F48Sogdian Combining Dot Above
Sogdian Combining Two Dots Above𐽉U+10F49Sogdian Combining Two Dots Above
Sogdian Combining Curve Above𐽊U+10F4ASogdian Combining Curve Above
Sogdian Combining Curve Below𐽋U+10F4BSogdian Combining Curve Below
Sogdian Combining Hook Above𐽌U+10F4CSogdian Combining Hook Above
Sogdian Combining Hook Below𐽍U+10F4DSogdian Combining Hook Below
Sogdian Combining Long Hook Below𐽎U+10F4ESogdian Combining Long Hook Below
Sogdian Combining Resh Below𐽏U+10F4FSogdian Combining Resh Below
Sogdian Combining Stroke Below𐽐U+10F50Sogdian Combining Stroke Below
Sogdian Number One𐽑U+10F51Sogdian Number One
Sogdian Number Ten𐽒U+10F52Sogdian Number Ten
Sogdian Number Twenty𐽓U+10F53Sogdian Number Twenty
Sogdian Number One Hundred𐽔U+10F54Sogdian Number One Hundred
Sogdian Punctuation Two Vertical Bars𐽕U+10F55Sogdian Punctuation Two Vertical Bars
Sogdian Punctuation Two Vertical Bars With Dots𐽖U+10F56Sogdian Punctuation Two Vertical Bars With Dots
Sogdian Punctuation Circle With Dot𐽗U+10F57Sogdian Punctuation Circle With Dot
Sogdian Punctuation Two Circles With Dots𐽘U+10F58Sogdian Punctuation Two Circles With Dots
Sogdian Punctuation Half Circle With Dot𐽙U+10F59Sogdian Punctuation Half Circle With Dot