Miscellaneous Symbols And Arrows Unicode Block

Miscellaneous Symbols and Arrows is a Unicode block containing arrows and geometric shapes with various fills.

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Below you will find all the characters that are in the Miscellaneous Symbols And Arrows unicode block. Currently there are 253 characters in this block.

Image Browser Unicode Name
North East White ArrowU+2B00North East White Arrow
North West White ArrowU+2B01North West White Arrow
South East White ArrowU+2B02South East White Arrow
South West White ArrowU+2B03South West White Arrow
Left Right White ArrowU+2B04Left Right White Arrow
Leftwards Black ArrowU+2B05Leftwards Black Arrow
Upwards Black ArrowU+2B06Upwards Black Arrow
Downwards Black ArrowU+2B07Downwards Black Arrow
North East Black ArrowU+2B08North East Black Arrow
North West Black ArrowU+2B09North West Black Arrow
South East Black ArrowU+2B0ASouth East Black Arrow
South West Black ArrowU+2B0BSouth West Black Arrow
Left Right Black ArrowU+2B0CLeft Right Black Arrow
Up Down Black ArrowU+2B0DUp Down Black Arrow
Rightwards Arrow With Tip DownwardsU+2B0ERightwards Arrow With Tip Downwards
Rightwards Arrow With Tip UpwardsU+2B0FRightwards Arrow With Tip Upwards
Leftwards Arrow With Tip DownwardsU+2B10Leftwards Arrow With Tip Downwards
Leftwards Arrow With Tip UpwardsU+2B11Leftwards Arrow With Tip Upwards
Square With Top Half BlackU+2B12Square With Top Half Black
Square With Bottom Half BlackU+2B13Square With Bottom Half Black
Square With Upper Right Diagonal Half BlackU+2B14Square With Upper Right Diagonal Half Black
Square With Lower Left Diagonal Half BlackU+2B15Square With Lower Left Diagonal Half Black
Diamond With Left Half BlackU+2B16Diamond With Left Half Black
Diamond With Right Half BlackU+2B17Diamond With Right Half Black
Diamond With Top Half BlackU+2B18Diamond With Top Half Black
Diamond With Bottom Half BlackU+2B19Diamond With Bottom Half Black
Dotted SquareU+2B1ADotted Square
Black Large SquareU+2B1BBlack Large Square
White Large SquareU+2B1CWhite Large Square
Black Very Small SquareU+2B1DBlack Very Small Square
White Very Small SquareU+2B1EWhite Very Small Square
Black PentagonU+2B1FBlack Pentagon
White PentagonU+2B20White Pentagon
White HexagonU+2B21White Hexagon
Black HexagonU+2B22Black Hexagon
Horizontal Black HexagonU+2B23Horizontal Black Hexagon
Black Large CircleU+2B24Black Large Circle
Black Medium DiamondU+2B25Black Medium Diamond
White Medium DiamondU+2B26White Medium Diamond
Black Medium LozengeU+2B27Black Medium Lozenge
White Medium LozengeU+2B28White Medium Lozenge
Black Small DiamondU+2B29Black Small Diamond
Black Small LozengeU+2B2ABlack Small Lozenge
White Small LozengeU+2B2BWhite Small Lozenge
Black Horizontal EllipseU+2B2CBlack Horizontal Ellipse
White Horizontal EllipseU+2B2DWhite Horizontal Ellipse
Black Vertical EllipseU+2B2EBlack Vertical Ellipse
White Vertical EllipseU+2B2FWhite Vertical Ellipse
Left Arrow With Small CircleU+2B30Left Arrow With Small Circle
Three Leftwards ArrowsU+2B31Three Leftwards Arrows