Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols-A Unicode Block

Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols-A is a Unicode block containing characters for mathematical, logical, and database notation.

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Below you will find all the characters that are in the Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols-A unicode block. Currently there are 48 characters in this block.

Image Browser Unicode Name
Three Dimensional AngleU+27C0Three Dimensional Angle
White Triangle Containing Small White TriangleU+27C1White Triangle Containing Small White Triangle
Open SubsetU+27C3Open Subset
Open SupersetU+27C4Open Superset
Left S-Shaped Bag DelimiterU+27C5Left S-Shaped Bag Delimiter
Right S-Shaped Bag DelimiterU+27C6Right S-Shaped Bag Delimiter
Or With Dot InsideU+27C7Or With Dot Inside
Reverse Solidus Preceding SubsetU+27C8Reverse Solidus Preceding Subset
Superset Preceding SolidusU+27C9Superset Preceding Solidus
Vertical Bar With Horizontal StrokeU+27CAVertical Bar With Horizontal Stroke
Mathematical Rising DiagonalU+27CBMathematical Rising Diagonal
Long DivisionU+27CCLong Division
Mathematical Falling DiagonalU+27CDMathematical Falling Diagonal
Squared Logical AndU+27CESquared Logical And
Squared Logical OrU+27CFSquared Logical Or
White Diamond With Centred DotU+27D0White Diamond With Centred Dot
And With DotU+27D1And With Dot
Element Of Opening UpwardsU+27D2Element Of Opening Upwards
Lower Right Corner With DotU+27D3Lower Right Corner With Dot
Upper Left Corner With DotU+27D4Upper Left Corner With Dot
Left Outer JoinU+27D5Left Outer Join
Right Outer JoinU+27D6Right Outer Join
Full Outer JoinU+27D7Full Outer Join
Large Up TackU+27D8Large Up Tack
Large Down TackU+27D9Large Down Tack
Left And Right Double TurnstileU+27DALeft And Right Double Turnstile
Left And Right TackU+27DBLeft And Right Tack
Left MultimapU+27DCLeft Multimap
Long Right TackU+27DDLong Right Tack
Long Left TackU+27DELong Left Tack
Up Tack With Circle AboveU+27DFUp Tack With Circle Above
Lozenge Divided By Horizontal RuleU+27E0Lozenge Divided By Horizontal Rule
White Concave-Sided DiamondU+27E1White Concave-Sided Diamond
White Concave-Sided Diamond With Leftwards TickU+27E2White Concave-Sided Diamond With Leftwards Tick
White Concave-Sided Diamond With Rightwards TickU+27E3White Concave-Sided Diamond With Rightwards Tick
White Square With Leftwards TickU+27E4White Square With Leftwards Tick
White Square With Rightwards TickU+27E5White Square With Rightwards Tick
Mathematical Left White Square BracketU+27E6Mathematical Left White Square Bracket
Mathematical Right White Square BracketU+27E7Mathematical Right White Square Bracket
Mathematical Left Angle BracketU+27E8Mathematical Left Angle Bracket
Mathematical Right Angle BracketU+27E9Mathematical Right Angle Bracket
Mathematical Left Double Angle BracketU+27EAMathematical Left Double Angle Bracket
Mathematical Right Double Angle BracketU+27EBMathematical Right Double Angle Bracket
Mathematical Left White Tortoise Shell BracketU+27ECMathematical Left White Tortoise Shell Bracket
Mathematical Right White Tortoise Shell BracketU+27EDMathematical Right White Tortoise Shell Bracket
Mathematical Left Flattened ParenthesisU+27EEMathematical Left Flattened Parenthesis
Mathematical Right Flattened ParenthesisU+27EFMathematical Right Flattened Parenthesis