Manichaean Unicode Block

Manichaean is a Unicode block containing characters historically used for writing Sogdian, Parthian, and Fars languages.

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Below you will find all the characters that are in the Manichaean unicode block. Currently there are 51 characters in this block.

Image Browser Unicode Name
Manichaean Letter Aleph𐫀U+10AC0Manichaean Letter Aleph
Manichaean Letter Beth𐫁U+10AC1Manichaean Letter Beth
Manichaean Letter Bheth𐫂U+10AC2Manichaean Letter Bheth
Manichaean Letter Gimel𐫃U+10AC3Manichaean Letter Gimel
Manichaean Letter Ghimel𐫄U+10AC4Manichaean Letter Ghimel
Manichaean Letter Daleth𐫅U+10AC5Manichaean Letter Daleth
Manichaean Letter He𐫆U+10AC6Manichaean Letter He
Manichaean Letter Waw𐫇U+10AC7Manichaean Letter Waw
Manichaean Sign Ud𐫈U+10AC8Manichaean Sign Ud
Manichaean Letter Zayin𐫉U+10AC9Manichaean Letter Zayin
Manichaean Letter Zhayin𐫊U+10ACAManichaean Letter Zhayin
Manichaean Letter Jayin𐫋U+10ACBManichaean Letter Jayin
Manichaean Letter Jhayin𐫌U+10ACCManichaean Letter Jhayin
Manichaean Letter Heth𐫍U+10ACDManichaean Letter Heth
Manichaean Letter Teth𐫎U+10ACEManichaean Letter Teth
Manichaean Letter Yodh𐫏U+10ACFManichaean Letter Yodh
Manichaean Letter Kaph𐫐U+10AD0Manichaean Letter Kaph
Manichaean Letter Xaph𐫑U+10AD1Manichaean Letter Xaph
Manichaean Letter Khaph𐫒U+10AD2Manichaean Letter Khaph
Manichaean Letter Lamedh𐫓U+10AD3Manichaean Letter Lamedh
Manichaean Letter Dhamedh𐫔U+10AD4Manichaean Letter Dhamedh
Manichaean Letter Thamedh𐫕U+10AD5Manichaean Letter Thamedh
Manichaean Letter Mem𐫖U+10AD6Manichaean Letter Mem
Manichaean Letter Nun𐫗U+10AD7Manichaean Letter Nun
Manichaean Letter Samekh𐫘U+10AD8Manichaean Letter Samekh
Manichaean Letter Ayin𐫙U+10AD9Manichaean Letter Ayin
Manichaean Letter Aayin𐫚U+10ADAManichaean Letter Aayin
Manichaean Letter Pe𐫛U+10ADBManichaean Letter Pe
Manichaean Letter Fe𐫜U+10ADCManichaean Letter Fe
Manichaean Letter Sadhe𐫝U+10ADDManichaean Letter Sadhe
Manichaean Letter Qoph𐫞U+10ADEManichaean Letter Qoph
Manichaean Letter Xoph𐫟U+10ADFManichaean Letter Xoph
Manichaean Letter Qhoph𐫠U+10AE0Manichaean Letter Qhoph
Manichaean Letter Resh𐫡U+10AE1Manichaean Letter Resh
Manichaean Letter Shin𐫢U+10AE2Manichaean Letter Shin
Manichaean Letter Sshin𐫣U+10AE3Manichaean Letter Sshin
Manichaean Letter Taw𐫤U+10AE4Manichaean Letter Taw
Manichaean Abbreviation Mark Above𐫥U+10AE5Manichaean Abbreviation Mark Above
Manichaean Abbreviation Mark Below𐫦U+10AE6Manichaean Abbreviation Mark Below
Manichaean Number One𐫫U+10AEBManichaean Number One
Manichaean Number Five𐫬U+10AECManichaean Number Five
Manichaean Number Ten𐫭U+10AEDManichaean Number Ten
Manichaean Number Twenty𐫮U+10AEEManichaean Number Twenty
Manichaean Number One Hundred𐫯U+10AEFManichaean Number One Hundred
Manichaean Punctuation Star𐫰U+10AF0Manichaean Punctuation Star
Manichaean Punctuation Fleuron𐫱U+10AF1Manichaean Punctuation Fleuron
Manichaean Punctuation Double Dot Within Dot𐫲U+10AF2Manichaean Punctuation Double Dot Within Dot
Manichaean Punctuation Dot Within Dot𐫳U+10AF3Manichaean Punctuation Dot Within Dot
Manichaean Punctuation Dot𐫴U+10AF4Manichaean Punctuation Dot
Manichaean Punctuation Two Dots𐫵U+10AF5Manichaean Punctuation Two Dots