Geometric Shapes Extended Unicode Block

Geometric Shapes Extended is a Unicode block containing webdings/wingdings symbols, mostly different weights of squares, crosses, and saltires, and different weights of variously spoked asterisks and stars.

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Below you will find all the characters that are in the Geometric Shapes Extended unicode block. Currently there are 103 characters in this block.

Image Browser Unicode Name
Black Left-Pointing Isosceles Right Triangle🞀U+1F780Black Left-Pointing Isosceles Right Triangle
Black Up-Pointing Isosceles Right Triangle🞁U+1F781Black Up-Pointing Isosceles Right Triangle
Black Right-Pointing Isosceles Right Triangle🞂U+1F782Black Right-Pointing Isosceles Right Triangle
Black Down-Pointing Isosceles Right Triangle🞃U+1F783Black Down-Pointing Isosceles Right Triangle
Black Slightly Small Circle🞄U+1F784Black Slightly Small Circle
Medium Bold White Circle🞅U+1F785Medium Bold White Circle
Bold White Circle🞆U+1F786Bold White Circle
Heavy White Circle🞇U+1F787Heavy White Circle
Very Heavy White Circle🞈U+1F788Very Heavy White Circle
Extremely Heavy White Circle🞉U+1F789Extremely Heavy White Circle
White Circle Containing Black Small Circle🞊U+1F78AWhite Circle Containing Black Small Circle
Round Target🞋U+1F78BRound Target
Black Tiny Square🞌U+1F78CBlack Tiny Square
Black Slightly Small Square🞍U+1F78DBlack Slightly Small Square
Light White Square🞎U+1F78ELight White Square
Medium White Square🞏U+1F78FMedium White Square
Bold White Square🞐U+1F790Bold White Square
Heavy White Square🞑U+1F791Heavy White Square
Very Heavy White Square🞒U+1F792Very Heavy White Square
Extremely Heavy White Square🞓U+1F793Extremely Heavy White Square
White Square Containing Black Very Small Square🞔U+1F794White Square Containing Black Very Small Square
White Square Containing Black Medium Square🞕U+1F795White Square Containing Black Medium Square
Square Target🞖U+1F796Square Target
Black Tiny Diamond🞗U+1F797Black Tiny Diamond
Black Very Small Diamond🞘U+1F798Black Very Small Diamond
Black Medium Small Diamond🞙U+1F799Black Medium Small Diamond
White Diamond Containing Black Very Small Diamond🞚U+1F79AWhite Diamond Containing Black Very Small Diamond
White Diamond Containing Black Medium Diamond🞛U+1F79BWhite Diamond Containing Black Medium Diamond
Diamond Target🞜U+1F79CDiamond Target
Black Tiny Lozenge🞝U+1F79DBlack Tiny Lozenge
Black Very Small Lozenge🞞U+1F79EBlack Very Small Lozenge
Black Medium Small Lozenge🞟U+1F79FBlack Medium Small Lozenge
White Lozenge Containing Black Small Lozenge🞠U+1F7A0White Lozenge Containing Black Small Lozenge
Thin Greek Cross🞡U+1F7A1Thin Greek Cross
Light Greek Cross🞢U+1F7A2Light Greek Cross
Medium Greek Cross🞣U+1F7A3Medium Greek Cross
Bold Greek Cross🞤U+1F7A4Bold Greek Cross
Very Bold Greek Cross🞥U+1F7A5Very Bold Greek Cross
Very Heavy Greek Cross🞦U+1F7A6Very Heavy Greek Cross
Extremely Heavy Greek Cross🞧U+1F7A7Extremely Heavy Greek Cross
Thin Saltire🞨U+1F7A8Thin Saltire
Light Saltire🞩U+1F7A9Light Saltire
Medium Saltire🞪U+1F7AAMedium Saltire
Bold Saltire🞫U+1F7ABBold Saltire
Heavy Saltire🞬U+1F7ACHeavy Saltire
Very Heavy Saltire🞭U+1F7ADVery Heavy Saltire
Extremely Heavy Saltire🞮U+1F7AEExtremely Heavy Saltire
Light Five Spoked Asterisk🞯U+1F7AFLight Five Spoked Asterisk
Medium Five Spoked Asterisk🞰U+1F7B0Medium Five Spoked Asterisk
Bold Five Spoked Asterisk🞱U+1F7B1Bold Five Spoked Asterisk