Enclosed Alphanumerics Unicode Block

Enclosed alphanumerics is a Unicode block of typographical symbols of an alphanumeric within a circle, a bracket or other not-closed enclosure, or ending in a full stop. There is another block for these characters (U+1F100—U+1F1FF), encoded in the Supplementary Multilingual Plane, which contains the set of Regional Indicator Symbols as of Unicode 6.0.

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Below you will find all the characters that are in the Enclosed Alphanumerics unicode block. Currently there are 160 characters in this block.

Image Browser Unicode Name
Circled Digit OneU+2460Circled Digit One
Circled Digit TwoU+2461Circled Digit Two
Circled Digit ThreeU+2462Circled Digit Three
Circled Digit FourU+2463Circled Digit Four
Circled Digit FiveU+2464Circled Digit Five
Circled Digit SixU+2465Circled Digit Six
Circled Digit SevenU+2466Circled Digit Seven
Circled Digit EightU+2467Circled Digit Eight
Circled Digit NineU+2468Circled Digit Nine
Circled Number TenU+2469Circled Number Ten
Circled Number ElevenU+246ACircled Number Eleven
Circled Number TwelveU+246BCircled Number Twelve
Circled Number ThirteenU+246CCircled Number Thirteen
Circled Number FourteenU+246DCircled Number Fourteen
Circled Number FifteenU+246ECircled Number Fifteen
Circled Number SixteenU+246FCircled Number Sixteen
Circled Number SeventeenU+2470Circled Number Seventeen
Circled Number EighteenU+2471Circled Number Eighteen
Circled Number NineteenU+2472Circled Number Nineteen
Circled Number TwentyU+2473Circled Number Twenty
Parenthesized Digit OneU+2474Parenthesized Digit One
Parenthesized Digit TwoU+2475Parenthesized Digit Two
Parenthesized Digit ThreeU+2476Parenthesized Digit Three
Parenthesized Digit FourU+2477Parenthesized Digit Four
Parenthesized Digit FiveU+2478Parenthesized Digit Five
Parenthesized Digit SixU+2479Parenthesized Digit Six
Parenthesized Digit SevenU+247AParenthesized Digit Seven
Parenthesized Digit EightU+247BParenthesized Digit Eight
Parenthesized Digit NineU+247CParenthesized Digit Nine
Parenthesized Number TenU+247DParenthesized Number Ten
Parenthesized Number ElevenU+247EParenthesized Number Eleven
Parenthesized Number TwelveU+247FParenthesized Number Twelve
Parenthesized Number ThirteenU+2480Parenthesized Number Thirteen
Parenthesized Number FourteenU+2481Parenthesized Number Fourteen
Parenthesized Number FifteenU+2482Parenthesized Number Fifteen
Parenthesized Number SixteenU+2483Parenthesized Number Sixteen
Parenthesized Number SeventeenU+2484Parenthesized Number Seventeen
Parenthesized Number EighteenU+2485Parenthesized Number Eighteen
Parenthesized Number NineteenU+2486Parenthesized Number Nineteen
Parenthesized Number TwentyU+2487Parenthesized Number Twenty
Digit One Full StopU+2488Digit One Full Stop
Digit Two Full StopU+2489Digit Two Full Stop
Digit Three Full StopU+248ADigit Three Full Stop
Digit Four Full StopU+248BDigit Four Full Stop
Digit Five Full StopU+248CDigit Five Full Stop
Digit Six Full StopU+248DDigit Six Full Stop
Digit Seven Full StopU+248EDigit Seven Full Stop
Digit Eight Full StopU+248FDigit Eight Full Stop
Digit Nine Full StopU+2490Digit Nine Full Stop
Number Ten Full StopU+2491Number Ten Full Stop