Cyrillic Extended-B Unicode Block

Cyrillic Extended-B is a Unicode block containing Cyrillic characters for writing Old Cyrillic and Old Abkhazian, and combining numeric signs.

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Below you will find all the characters that are in the Cyrillic Extended-B unicode block. Currently there are 96 characters in this block.

Image Browser Unicode Name
Cyrillic Capital Letter ZemlyaU+A640Cyrillic Capital Letter Zemlya
Cyrillic Small Letter ZemlyaU+A641Cyrillic Small Letter Zemlya
Cyrillic Capital Letter DzeloU+A642Cyrillic Capital Letter Dzelo
Cyrillic Small Letter DzeloU+A643Cyrillic Small Letter Dzelo
Cyrillic Capital Letter Reversed DzeU+A644Cyrillic Capital Letter Reversed Dze
Cyrillic Small Letter Reversed DzeU+A645Cyrillic Small Letter Reversed Dze
Cyrillic Capital Letter IotaU+A646Cyrillic Capital Letter Iota
Cyrillic Small Letter IotaU+A647Cyrillic Small Letter Iota
Cyrillic Capital Letter DjervU+A648Cyrillic Capital Letter Djerv
Cyrillic Small Letter DjervU+A649Cyrillic Small Letter Djerv
Cyrillic Capital Letter Monograph UkU+A64ACyrillic Capital Letter Monograph Uk
Cyrillic Small Letter Monograph UkU+A64BCyrillic Small Letter Monograph Uk
Cyrillic Capital Letter Broad OmegaU+A64CCyrillic Capital Letter Broad Omega
Cyrillic Small Letter Broad OmegaU+A64DCyrillic Small Letter Broad Omega
Cyrillic Capital Letter Neutral YerU+A64ECyrillic Capital Letter Neutral Yer
Cyrillic Small Letter Neutral YerU+A64FCyrillic Small Letter Neutral Yer
Cyrillic Capital Letter Yeru With Back YerU+A650Cyrillic Capital Letter Yeru With Back Yer
Cyrillic Small Letter Yeru With Back YerU+A651Cyrillic Small Letter Yeru With Back Yer
Cyrillic Capital Letter Iotified YatU+A652Cyrillic Capital Letter Iotified Yat
Cyrillic Small Letter Iotified YatU+A653Cyrillic Small Letter Iotified Yat
Cyrillic Capital Letter Reversed YuU+A654Cyrillic Capital Letter Reversed Yu
Cyrillic Small Letter Reversed YuU+A655Cyrillic Small Letter Reversed Yu
Cyrillic Capital Letter Iotified AU+A656Cyrillic Capital Letter Iotified A
Cyrillic Small Letter Iotified AU+A657Cyrillic Small Letter Iotified A
Cyrillic Capital Letter Closed Little YusU+A658Cyrillic Capital Letter Closed Little Yus
Cyrillic Small Letter Closed Little YusU+A659Cyrillic Small Letter Closed Little Yus
Cyrillic Capital Letter Blended YusU+A65ACyrillic Capital Letter Blended Yus
Cyrillic Small Letter Blended YusU+A65BCyrillic Small Letter Blended Yus
Cyrillic Capital Letter Iotified Closed Little YusU+A65CCyrillic Capital Letter Iotified Closed Little Yus
Cyrillic Small Letter Iotified Closed Little YusU+A65DCyrillic Small Letter Iotified Closed Little Yus
Cyrillic Capital Letter YnU+A65ECyrillic Capital Letter Yn
Cyrillic Small Letter YnU+A65FCyrillic Small Letter Yn
Cyrillic Capital Letter Reversed TseU+A660Cyrillic Capital Letter Reversed Tse
Cyrillic Small Letter Reversed TseU+A661Cyrillic Small Letter Reversed Tse
Cyrillic Capital Letter Soft DeU+A662Cyrillic Capital Letter Soft De
Cyrillic Small Letter Soft DeU+A663Cyrillic Small Letter Soft De
Cyrillic Capital Letter Soft ElU+A664Cyrillic Capital Letter Soft El
Cyrillic Small Letter Soft ElU+A665Cyrillic Small Letter Soft El
Cyrillic Capital Letter Soft EmU+A666Cyrillic Capital Letter Soft Em
Cyrillic Small Letter Soft EmU+A667Cyrillic Small Letter Soft Em
Cyrillic Capital Letter Monocular OU+A668Cyrillic Capital Letter Monocular O
Cyrillic Small Letter Monocular OU+A669Cyrillic Small Letter Monocular O
Cyrillic Capital Letter Binocular OU+A66ACyrillic Capital Letter Binocular O
Cyrillic Small Letter Binocular OU+A66BCyrillic Small Letter Binocular O
Cyrillic Capital Letter Double Monocular OU+A66CCyrillic Capital Letter Double Monocular O
Cyrillic Small Letter Double Monocular OU+A66DCyrillic Small Letter Double Monocular O
Cyrillic Letter Multiocular OU+A66ECyrillic Letter Multiocular O
Combining Cyrillic VzmetU+A66FCombining Cyrillic Vzmet
Combining Cyrillic Ten Millions SignU+A670Combining Cyrillic Ten Millions Sign
Combining Cyrillic Hundred Millions SignU+A671Combining Cyrillic Hundred Millions Sign