Cuneiform Unicode Block

In Unicode, the Sumero-Akkadian Cuneiform script is covered in two blocks in the Supplementary Multilingual Plane (SMP).The sample glyphs in the chart file published by the Unicode Consortium show the characters in their Classical Sumerian form (Early Dynastic period, mid 3rd millennium BCE). The characters as written during the 2nd and 1st millennia BCE, the era during which the vast majority of cuneiform texts were written, are considered font variants of the same characters.

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Below you will find all the characters that are in the Cuneiform unicode block. Currently there are 922 characters in this block.

Image Browser Unicode Name
Cuneiform Sign A𒀀U+12000Cuneiform Sign A
Cuneiform Sign A Times A𒀁U+12001Cuneiform Sign A Times A
Cuneiform Sign A Times Bad𒀂U+12002Cuneiform Sign A Times Bad
Cuneiform Sign A Times Gan2 Tenu𒀃U+12003Cuneiform Sign A Times Gan2 Tenu
Cuneiform Sign A Times Ha𒀄U+12004Cuneiform Sign A Times Ha
Cuneiform Sign A Times Igi𒀅U+12005Cuneiform Sign A Times Igi
Cuneiform Sign A Times Lagar Gunu𒀆U+12006Cuneiform Sign A Times Lagar Gunu
Cuneiform Sign A Times Mush𒀇U+12007Cuneiform Sign A Times Mush
Cuneiform Sign A Times Sag𒀈U+12008Cuneiform Sign A Times Sag
Cuneiform Sign A2𒀉U+12009Cuneiform Sign A2
Cuneiform Sign Ab𒀊U+1200ACuneiform Sign Ab
Cuneiform Sign Ab Times Ash2𒀋U+1200BCuneiform Sign Ab Times Ash2
Cuneiform Sign Ab Times Dun3 Gunu𒀌U+1200CCuneiform Sign Ab Times Dun3 Gunu
Cuneiform Sign Ab Times Gal𒀍U+1200DCuneiform Sign Ab Times Gal
Cuneiform Sign Ab Times Gan2 Tenu𒀎U+1200ECuneiform Sign Ab Times Gan2 Tenu
Cuneiform Sign Ab Times Ha𒀏U+1200FCuneiform Sign Ab Times Ha
Cuneiform Sign Ab Times Igi Gunu𒀐U+12010Cuneiform Sign Ab Times Igi Gunu
Cuneiform Sign Ab Times Imin𒀑U+12011Cuneiform Sign Ab Times Imin
Cuneiform Sign Ab Times Lagab𒀒U+12012Cuneiform Sign Ab Times Lagab
Cuneiform Sign Ab Times Shesh𒀓U+12013Cuneiform Sign Ab Times Shesh
Cuneiform Sign Ab Times U Plus U Plus U𒀔U+12014Cuneiform Sign Ab Times U Plus U Plus U
Cuneiform Sign Ab Gunu𒀕U+12015Cuneiform Sign Ab Gunu
Cuneiform Sign Ab2𒀖U+12016Cuneiform Sign Ab2
Cuneiform Sign Ab2 Times Balag𒀗U+12017Cuneiform Sign Ab2 Times Balag
Cuneiform Sign Ab2 Times Gan2 Tenu𒀘U+12018Cuneiform Sign Ab2 Times Gan2 Tenu
Cuneiform Sign Ab2 Times Me Plus En𒀙U+12019Cuneiform Sign Ab2 Times Me Plus En
Cuneiform Sign Ab2 Times Sha3𒀚U+1201ACuneiform Sign Ab2 Times Sha3
Cuneiform Sign Ab2 Times Tak4𒀛U+1201BCuneiform Sign Ab2 Times Tak4
Cuneiform Sign Ad𒀜U+1201CCuneiform Sign Ad
Cuneiform Sign Ak𒀝U+1201DCuneiform Sign Ak
Cuneiform Sign Ak Times Erin2𒀞U+1201ECuneiform Sign Ak Times Erin2
Cuneiform Sign Ak Times Shita Plus Gish𒀟U+1201FCuneiform Sign Ak Times Shita Plus Gish
Cuneiform Sign Al𒀠U+12020Cuneiform Sign Al
Cuneiform Sign Al Times Al𒀡U+12021Cuneiform Sign Al Times Al
Cuneiform Sign Al Times Dim2𒀢U+12022Cuneiform Sign Al Times Dim2
Cuneiform Sign Al Times Gish𒀣U+12023Cuneiform Sign Al Times Gish
Cuneiform Sign Al Times Ha𒀤U+12024Cuneiform Sign Al Times Ha
Cuneiform Sign Al Times Kad3𒀥U+12025Cuneiform Sign Al Times Kad3
Cuneiform Sign Al Times Ki𒀦U+12026Cuneiform Sign Al Times Ki
Cuneiform Sign Al Times She𒀧U+12027Cuneiform Sign Al Times She
Cuneiform Sign Al Times Ush𒀨U+12028Cuneiform Sign Al Times Ush
Cuneiform Sign Alan𒀩U+12029Cuneiform Sign Alan
Cuneiform Sign Aleph𒀪U+1202ACuneiform Sign Aleph
Cuneiform Sign Amar𒀫U+1202BCuneiform Sign Amar
Cuneiform Sign Amar Times She𒀬U+1202CCuneiform Sign Amar Times She
Cuneiform Sign An𒀭U+1202DCuneiform Sign An
Cuneiform Sign An Over An𒀮U+1202ECuneiform Sign An Over An
Cuneiform Sign An Three Times𒀯U+1202FCuneiform Sign An Three Times
Cuneiform Sign An Plus Naga Opposing An Plus Naga𒀰U+12030Cuneiform Sign An Plus Naga Opposing An Plus Naga
Cuneiform Sign An Plus Naga Squared𒀱U+12031Cuneiform Sign An Plus Naga Squared