Buginese Unicode Block

The Unicode Buginese block, also known as the Buginese script block, is a section of the Unicode Standard dedicated to encoding characters used in the Buginese script. The Buginese script is an abugida writing system traditionally used to write the Bugis language, which is spoken by the Bugis people primarily in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. This Unicode block, officially named "Buginese," was introduced to enable digital representation and communication of Buginese text. It includes a range of characters for writing Buginese syllables, vowels, consonants, and other related symbols. The Buginese script is notable for its distinctive and elegant curvilinear characters, and its inclusion in the Unicode Standard has facilitated the development of digital tools, fonts, and software to support the Buginese language and culture.

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Below you will find all the characters that are in the Buginese unicode block. Currently there are 30 characters in this block.