Arabic Unicode Block

Arabic is a Unicode block, containing the standard letters and the most common diacritics of the Arabic script, and the Arabic-Indic digits.

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Below you will find all the characters that are in the Arabic unicode block. Currently there are 256 characters in this block.

Image Browser Unicode Name
Arabic Number Sign؀U+0600Arabic Number Sign
Arabic Sign Sanah؁U+0601Arabic Sign Sanah
Arabic Footnote Marker؂U+0602Arabic Footnote Marker
Arabic Sign Safha؃U+0603Arabic Sign Safha
Arabic Sign Samvat؄U+0604Arabic Sign Samvat
Arabic Number Mark Above؅U+0605Arabic Number Mark Above
Arabic-Indic Cube Root؆U+0606Arabic-Indic Cube Root
Arabic-Indic Fourth Root؇U+0607Arabic-Indic Fourth Root
Arabic Ray؈U+0608Arabic Ray
Arabic-Indic Per Mille Sign؉U+0609Arabic-Indic Per Mille Sign
Arabic-Indic Per Ten Thousand Sign؊U+060AArabic-Indic Per Ten Thousand Sign
Afghani Sign؋U+060BAfghani Sign
Arabic Comma،U+060CArabic Comma
Arabic Date Separator؍U+060DArabic Date Separator
Arabic Poetic Verse Sign؎U+060EArabic Poetic Verse Sign
Arabic Sign Misra؏U+060FArabic Sign Misra
Arabic Sign Sallallahou Alayhe WassallamؐU+0610Arabic Sign Sallallahou Alayhe Wassallam
Arabic Sign Alayhe AssallamؑU+0611Arabic Sign Alayhe Assallam
Arabic Sign Rahmatullah AlayheؒU+0612Arabic Sign Rahmatullah Alayhe
Arabic Sign Radi Allahou AnhuؓU+0613Arabic Sign Radi Allahou Anhu
Arabic Sign TakhallusؔU+0614Arabic Sign Takhallus
Arabic Small High TahؕU+0615Arabic Small High Tah
Arabic Small High Ligature Alef With Lam With YehؖU+0616Arabic Small High Ligature Alef With Lam With Yeh
Arabic Small High ZainؗU+0617Arabic Small High Zain
Arabic Small FathaؘU+0618Arabic Small Fatha
Arabic Small DammaؙU+0619Arabic Small Damma
Arabic Small KasraؚU+061AArabic Small Kasra
Arabic Semicolon؛U+061BArabic Semicolon
Arabic Letter Mark؜U+061CArabic Letter Mark
Arabic End Of Text Mark؝U+061DArabic End Of Text Mark
Arabic Triple Dot Punctuation Mark؞U+061EArabic Triple Dot Punctuation Mark
Arabic Question Mark؟U+061FArabic Question Mark
Arabic Letter Kashmiri YehؠU+0620Arabic Letter Kashmiri Yeh
Arabic Letter HamzaءU+0621Arabic Letter Hamza
Arabic Letter Alef With Madda AboveآU+0622Arabic Letter Alef With Madda Above
Arabic Letter Alef With Hamza AboveأU+0623Arabic Letter Alef With Hamza Above
Arabic Letter Waw With Hamza AboveؤU+0624Arabic Letter Waw With Hamza Above
Arabic Letter Alef With Hamza BelowإU+0625Arabic Letter Alef With Hamza Below
Arabic Letter Yeh With Hamza AboveئU+0626Arabic Letter Yeh With Hamza Above
Arabic Letter AlefاU+0627Arabic Letter Alef
Arabic Letter BehبU+0628Arabic Letter Beh
Arabic Letter Teh MarbutaةU+0629Arabic Letter Teh Marbuta
Arabic Letter TehتU+062AArabic Letter Teh
Arabic Letter ThehثU+062BArabic Letter Theh
Arabic Letter JeemجU+062CArabic Letter Jeem
Arabic Letter HahحU+062DArabic Letter Hah
Arabic Letter KhahخU+062EArabic Letter Khah
Arabic Letter DalدU+062FArabic Letter Dal
Arabic Letter ThalذU+0630Arabic Letter Thal
Arabic Letter RehرU+0631Arabic Letter Reh